Why Is Gold So Valuable?

Why is it the case that gold is always so seemingly valuable? Whether you're buying or selling gold, it is generally a good investment.  At most periods of time, you can sell gold, and wind up making a pretty penny. There are several reasons why this is the case. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn of just a few of the reasons why gold seems to be perpetually valuable.

It Is Chemically Complex

At first, it might seem like other valuable metals should be more perpetually valuable than gold. Platinum is configured in such a way that it reduces auto emissions; silver has a higher industrial use value; and, copper can easily conduct electricity. However, gold's use lies in its ability to persist and act as a backing for tender. Due to gold's chemical complexity, it is quite difficult to destroy, unlike other precious metals. It does not melt easily, it does not rust, and it retains its structural and aesthetic integrity for years upon years.

Gold Does Not Default

Unlike other precious metals and perishable valuables (like cattle stock or grain), there is no counter-party risk involved. This means gold's value stands on its own; it does not need the investment or backing of banks, the government, or investment firms. Bonds and stocks, for example, require the promissory of a bank or some other financial backer; if they are not able to make good on the promise of a bond or stock, then your money is forfeit. Gold, however, merely holds sway to the market demand itself, and you won't have to ever worry about gold's value plummeting to a minuscule amount. You can talk with a professional, like Rocky Mountain Coin Inc, to see how you can buy and sell gold for investment purposes.

It Has Aesthetic Properties

There is a reason, beyond mere ostentatious display, that gold is used in the construction of so many pieces of jewelry: it is aesthetically appealing. Gold's bright hue can only be described as, well, "golden." It has a certain reflective property that is eye catching and yet, somehow understated. And, since gold is extremely soft and malleable, it is often mixed in different proportions with other alloys, like copper, to produce unique golden shades, like rose gold, white gold, and green gold.

Gold is perhaps one of the most desired of precious metals. Due to its aesthetic properties, chemical construction, and persistence, gold is truly a force in the world to be valued. Hopefully, throughout the course of this brief guide, you have learned a few answers to the question, "Why is gold so valuable?"