Answering Questions Concerning Bail Bonding Services

Being arrested and charged with a crime can be a devastating problem for you to encounter. In addition to causing you to experience intense emotional stress, defending yourself against criminal accusations can be expensive and inconvenient. While it is usually possible for a person who posts bail to be released until their trial, your bail amount can be extremely high, which means you may be unable to post bail or hire an attorney. Luckily, bail bondsmen are available to help you in these situations, but if you have never needed to use these service providers, you will likely benefit from having the following two questions addressed.

What Happens If You Miss Your Court Appearance?

Bail is designed to force a person to appear in court by requiring them to forfeit something if they skip this appearance. While most people will appear in court of their own free will, some people will attempt to run from the law. In these instances, the bail bondsman will likely place a bounty for your capture and reward. This is done in an attempt to have some of the bond returned by the courts. Additionally, the judge in the case will likely issue an arrest warrant for you, and this can lead to further criminal charges.

Will You Have To Pay The Bail Bond Back?

Some people are under the impression that a bail bond is a form of a loan. However, this is not exactly correct because the bail will be returned to the bondsman if you appear for your scheduled court date. Rather than loaning you the money, these professionals will simply pay the bail amount to the court in exchange for the client paying a small fee. Once you have paid the bail bonding fee, there will be no other expenses that you will have to pay. This can ensure that you are able to focus as many of your resources on defending yourself as possible.

Being arrested can be a scary experience, and while there are some people that will be denied bail, this is usually only reserved for particularly heinous crimes or instances where the defendant is a flight risk. As a result, most individuals will not be forced to wait in a jail cell until their court date because they will qualify for bail. By understanding the invaluable service that a bail  bondsman can provide you, it will be easier for you to understand how these services work, which may help you to make sound choices during this trying experience.