2 Reasons To Consider A Bail Bond Service

A bail bond service can be one of the most useful services at your disposal in the event that you or a member of your family has been arrested. Listed below are just two of the reasons to consider utilizing a bail bond service, like All-Mobile Bail Bonds.

Easier To Post Bail

One of the biggest reasons to utilize a bail bond service is if you are unable to afford bail on your own for either yourself or a loved one. This is actually a fairly common problem as bail can often be set at many thousands of dollars and is often higher if the person in police custody has an extensive criminal history or is accused of a more serious crime. 

In most cases, a bail bond service will be able to help you post bail by offering to pay for a high bail cost in exchange for collateral. The collateral required will vary depending on the amount of money you require to post bail and can include all sorts of things from real estate, jewelry, to vehicles. In addition to collateral, the bail bond service will also require a premium. While the bail money you borrow will eventually be returned, the premium will not as this is the fee required for the bail service (usually 10% of the required bail). 

You will receive your collateral back after your court date. If you or your loved one decides to flee or skip the court date, the bail bond service will take both your collateral and the premium. 

Freedom To Make Arrangements

Another reason to use a bail bond service is because it can provide you with the freedom that you need in order to make arrangements if you are expecting to spend a lengthy amount of time in prison. By utilizing a bail bond service, you will be able to arrange for someone to care for any pets, children, or elderly relatives that you are responsible for while you are serving your time in prison. In addition, you can also use this time to make any financial arrangements that may be necessary, such as arranging for any mortgage payments or vehicle payments to be made while you are serving your sentence.

Contact a bail bond service today if you or a loved one has been arrested and you are unable to make bail on your own. This type of service can make it much easier for you to post bail and provide you with the freedom that you may need to make important arrangements before serving a potential prison sentence.