Tips For Making Paying Online Easy For Your Customers

Customers who are shopping online are often doing it because it is extremely convenient. They don't have to leave their bed or even put on pants. However, should your payment page be difficult to use, you are going to remove that convenience and therefore lose customers as a result. Here are some tips for improving your payment page so that it is as easy as possible for customers to buy your goods or services online.

1. Offer Multiple Payment Options

Your first step is to offer as many payment options as possible. Try to accept all of the major credit cards, as well as online payment services, in order to make sure that your customers will have a convenient method of payment available to them. This will help you retain customers who have filled their shopping carts and not lose them before they actually pay for what is in those shopping carts. Before you expand the number of payment options on your page, make sure that you look at how your customers are paying currently at similar sites to yours and see what those sites are offering. This will allow you to choose the most effective means of payment and make it much easier for you to determine what payment options you should add.

2. Don't Force Your Customers to Get an Account With You in Order to Pay

This might be tempting because you might be able to get your customers' email addresses and other personal information, but don't make them open an account with you in order to pay for what they want. This is extremely annoying for the person trying to buy your product and will increase the chances that he or she will abandon the purchase partway through.

3. Make Sure That Your Payment Page Works on Mobile

Test your payment page on every mobile device you have access to and make sure that it works on all of them and is not broken. If a customer is shopping on a mobile device, that means that he or she does not have a lot of time to mess around and deal with a broken website. He or she is the most likely of anyone to take his or her business elsewhere the moment that he or she encounters difficulties because trying to fix those difficulties on a small screen is much more difficult than simply going to another site offering the same items.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in e-commerce merchant solutions.