2 Reasons To Utilize Bail Bonds

Bail bonds are a fantastic resource that can provide quite a few benefits to anyone whose loved one has been arrested or who has been arrested themselves. A bail bond service works by charging a premium and getting a promise of collateral from someone in exchange for posting bail for someone. This is very useful if bail is set too high for the arrested individual or his or her family to afford.

If the arrested individual reports to his or her court date, the premium is kept by the bail bond service and that is the end of it. If the person does not show up to the court date, the bail bond service will seize the posted collateral in addition to keeping the premium. Listed below are just two of the many reasons to utilize bail bonds.

Freedom To Continue Working

One of the biggest reasons to utilize a bail bond service is to achieve freedom so that you can return to work while waiting for the conclusion of your court case. In many cases, it can take weeks or months to resolve a trial, which means that, without posting bail, you could end up spending all of that time in a jail cell. The problem with that is that you will be unable to work, which can be a major problem if you are the primary earner for your family.

Another issue with this is that your job may not be waiting for you when you get out of jail, if you are acquitted or the charges are dropped, due to all of the days of work that you missed. However, if you post bail, you will be able to return to work and keep providing for your family while also staying on good terms with your employer so that you can retain your job if you win your case.

Freedom To Make Arrangement For Your Defense

Another reason to utilize a bail bond is to get all of the freedom that you may need to plan  your defense. If you are in jail awaiting your trial, you will only be able to really see your attorney every so often, whereas if you post bail, you will be able to meet with your attorney as often as needed in order to create a stronger defense in court. In addition, you can use that freedom to arrange for people that could testify as eyewitnesses on your behalf to show that you have an alibi or that can simply act as character witnesses if your attorney believes that that would help your case.

Contact a bail bonds service like Alda Pauline's Bail Bonds if you or a loved one needs help affording bail. This service can provide you with the freedom that you need to make arrangements for your defense or allow you to continue working until the conclusion of your case.