FAQs About Bail Bonds Answered

If you or someone you know have found yourself in jail, you might have the option to get out on bail. Often times bail prices are set high, and you probably won't be able to pay the complete bail amount yourself. If this is the case, you can use a bail bond company to help you pay your bail. There are a few questions that people have about bail bonds, and you should know the answers to them when you are trying to figure out whether to use a bail bond company or not.

How Does Bail Work?

Bail is paid by the person in custody to the court and is used as a way to ensure that, once released, the accused person will reappear at their court date. If you pay your bond without a bail bondsman, in cash, you can expect to get your bail back after your court appearance. Court fees and and fines might be subtracted from your bail, however.

If you decide to use a bail bonds company, you will pay the company a small fee in order to receive the bail money. After you have paid the fee, the company will give you money for bail. You will have to sign papers confirming that you will show up in court. If you show up in court, the bail bonds company will get their bail money back and you won't have to pay any further money to the bail bondsman. However, if you fail to show up in court you will owe the bail company the total amount of the bail, as they won't be getting it back due to you failing to show up in court. 

Can I Leave the State Or Country While On Bond?

If you are awaiting a court case and your bail has not been repaid to the bail bond company, you cannot leave the state or country until you have had your court date, appeared and the bail bond has been repaid. This is to ensure that you do not miss your court date, whether on purpose or on accident, and cause the bond company to be out of money. 

Collateralizing a Bond

If you or the person you are getting bail for is deemed a large risk to not show up in court, you may have to collateralize the bond before you can get the bail bond amount. This is for the added protection of the bail bond company, meaning they can keep your collateral if you or the accused fails to show up to their court date. Some common forms of collateral are car titles, house titles, jewelry, access to bank accounts or access to credit cards. 

Using a bail bond company is a great way to get your bail paid at a small price. 

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